We do not have a television but for guests there is the possibility of getting an Internet connection (but only for short periods at a time). Close to the structure there is a garden, from where you can listen to the voice of the waterfall, and see, in the early morning and in the evening, deer, chamois, and sometimes some steinbocks. Inside there is a bright and warm breakfast room, where in the evening, if you would like, you can taste simple dishes of our home cooking which recreates a great family tradition such as Walser soups, products from our garden and from the local mountain pastures. We can also serve food from our region, Piedmont, such as risotto, polenta, different kind of meats and, of course, wines. Tagliaferro Camere has also a store for sports equipment, one terrace and one little but interesting collection of books on Rima’s history, tradition and surrounding mountains. There are no pets allowed of any size and it is forbidden to smoke inside the building.
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